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atVenu launched its merchandise management features in January 2013 to a closed invite list. Word of mouth spread and it’s now used by many hundreds of artist and their teams for both supply and managed tours. In it’s first year atVenu settled over 11,000 shows and managed more than $50 million in merchandise sales. Artists that range from headliners in sell out arenas to developing artists on club tours all use the application. atVenu is now the standard for many professional merch organizations as the critical tool to provide immediate and accurate data from the road to management. atVenu fundamentally believes artists can make more money from touring merch sales than they currently do use 30-year-old systems. Broken spreadsheets, miscalculations, delayed distribution of information, mistakes caught too late, lack of cost visibility, and more reduce profits and do nothing to increase sales. atVenu solves these issues.
Sausalito, CA, USA
Founded in 2012
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