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Senior Software Engineer

Canvass AI

Canvass AI

Software Engineering
Washington, DC, USA
Posted on Thursday, July 22, 2021

Canvass AI is disrupting the industrial sector with its cutting-edge AI platform, by transforming industrial engineers into data and digital engineers. Backed by some of the world’s largest companies like Google’s Gradient Ventures, Canvass is democratizing the use of AI in day to day operations so industrial companies can build AI/ML models at scale and deploy them in production to gain business benefits in real time.

Things you should know about our tech:
  • We use a microservices architecture built predominantly with Python
  • Our single-page web application is built with React and we use Django for our RESTful API layer
  • We use Kubernetes to manage our cloud deployments in Azure
  • We’ve built a data pipeline with Kafka and use Kubeflow to orchestrate our machine learning pipeline
  • We use CircleCI to continuously integrate and deploy code changes

What we’re looking for:

We’re looking for candidates with:

  • Experience building web applications with Python, bonus points for experience with a RESTful API framework
  • Experience using React (or other JavaScript frameworks) to build complex web applications
  • An understanding of microservice architecture and distributed system design
  • Proven track record of delivering well-designed and tested software
  • Solid understanding of relational and non-relational databases and best practices

In general, we’re looking for a senior developer that exemplify these qualities:

Activation & Engagement Our developers are critical to the progress of our application and our business. We expect our developers to maintain focus on the business impact of their changes and advocate for work that will drive outcomes instead of just output.

Teamwork & Collaboration Our teams are small and extremely collaborative. Developers work very closely with a small number of other developers, a designer, and a product manager to meaningfully impact the business every week.

Excellence & Craft Software development is more than checking features off a list of requirements. We need our developers to build systems that are accessible to new teammates and extensible so that they can evolve with our business. We want our developers to take pride in what they build.

Communication & Leadership A developer can have a large impact by helping to grow the abilities and understanding of their teammates. We’re looking for people who can deliver learning sessions to introduce their technical teammates to new concepts and who can explain and contextualize their work to teammates outside of engineering.

What’s in it for you

You want to join a company that’s at the forefront of leading edge technology and you want to be the person that takes us there and captures massive market share. You want to be part of an ambitious, successful team that is rapidly scaling up, that gives you room to grow and build your career as the company grows.


Your Benefits

Some of the benefits you can expect as part of our team include:

  • An incredible team with Inclusive culture, open to ideas
  • You build the future of the planet. An opportunity to work in a leading edge AI company that is making the planet safer and greener for the future.  
  • Generous time off, including vacation and personal days to help rejuvenate
  • Extended health benefits, including drug coverage, dental coverage, and a Health Spending Account
  • Flexible office policy, with option to work remotely
  • Attend Conferences to extend your knowledge and skills
  • Equity Plan

What's it like working at Canvass

This is a place where everyone is all in. From the CEO to the newest hire, we all pitch in where needed and do what it takes.  We are a relatively flat organization where everyone is invited to the table, to listen in and be part of the conversation and decisions. We have an inclusive culture and we are driven by the passion to make an impact to the future of the industrial sector which in turn impacts the climate sustainability.