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Make a great move


Vice President, Growth



Software Engineering, Sales & Business Development
Toronto, ON, Canada · Remote
Posted on Friday, June 30, 2023

About you:
You love art, design and culture. You're excited to deepen this interest into a passion. You are curious by nature, you love to experiment and take initiative. You have led teams in the past but are excited about getting your hands dirty to forge a path and lead by example.


  • Establish demand side of the marketplace (collectors), resulting in liquidity (primary transactions, secondary transactions, and pegboarding)


  1. Define overall demand-side ("Collector") marketing plan across AARRR funnels to achieve liquidity on Primary inventory, and subsequent Secondary liquidity, within “hot centre” strategic focus
  2. Create business cases for N funnels, e.g. paid ads, develop assumption-based / hypothesis- driven financial models estimating keep/cull
  3. Launch channels (e.g. Facebook ads, Instagram ads (we own the @peggy handle!), Google ads), connect to replace assumptions in model with actual data
  4. Scale working channels, cull duds, iterate
  5. Hire a Manager (or Director) of Brand who will lead influencer other efforts
  6. Define Lead and Lag measures (OKRs) for Manager/Director of Brand

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Get your hands dirty, building out initial funnels, processes, and flows, paving the way and leading by example for future team members
  • You have a "Major" in Growth, and a "Minor" in Brand – i.e. expertise, leadership and an ability to get-stuff-done™ within Growth, and the potential/capability to hire and mentor a Manager (or Director) of Brand, to round out your experience-set
  • Build hypothesis-driven business cases to propose bite-sized vectors for Growth
  • Define and curate “marketing stack” of tools
  • Estimate, build, and measure Growth funnels (AARRR)
  • Leverage paid advertising channels to produce ROI-positive growth
  • Craft and automate reports for investors
  • Hire, manage and enable a Manager (or Director) of Brand who reports to you, powering and measuring their strategies
  • Collaborate with VP Art to ensure successful match of collectors and artists, and quality of demand side (collector) user base
  • Create stories for Engineering team to measure and unlock growth funnels
  • Collaborate with Design team to inform and shape product (mobile-only) and website (non-product landing page / campaign-oriented) iterations
  • Unlock pools of demand within “white hot centre” community
  • Enable future growth including international
  • Recruit and manage team members to ensure collector success, and high NPS

Ideal to have experience in tools such as:

  • Instagram Ads, FB Ads, Google Ads, Pinterest Ads, etc
  • ( or similar CDP
  • Hubspot, SFDC or similar CRM
  • Marketing attribution

Career track:
The ideal candidate will have had pre-Peggy experience primarily in Growth roles (bonus if Brand or other exposure).

Peggy values her people and their careers. The following is an example career track within Peggy - you don't need to have had these prior roles, but it shows upward mobility for those on your team as the team grow, and upward mobility in your future at Peggy:

  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Manager, Growth
  • Manager, Marketing
  • Director, Growth
  • Director, Marketing
  • Sr. Director, Growth
  • Sr. Director, Marketing
  • VP, Growth
  • SVP, Growth
  • SVP, Marketing
  • CMO
  • Options for growth in “expert track” (individual contributor) vs “manager track”
  • Options for lateral moves into Art (supply side), strategy, operations, product management

Working at Peggy
Peggy is a remote-first company. We are building the company this way so we can curate a team with the best talent from anywhere in the world, and to create flexibility for team members.