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Copywriter - Contract



Marketing & Communications
Posted on Friday, April 12, 2024

About Peggy

Peggy is the social marketplace for discovering, buying and selling investment-grade contemporary art, dedicated to democratizing the art world. We are on a mission to break down barriers and make art accessible to everyone.

Project Overview

Refining and infusing our brand messaging into various channels. The successful candidate will work on key deliverables, including app store screenshots, onboarding flow in the app, onboarding emails, social media captions, chatbot copy, digital fingerprint email, and collector insight emails.


  • App Store screenshots

  • Onboarding flow in the app

  • Onboarding emails to collectors, which is called the Welcome Series

  • Instagram bio caption / Twitter bio caption

  • Chatbot copy

  • Digital fingerprint email (“Why is authentication important?”)

  • Insight emails to collectors


  • Proven experience as a copywriter, preferably in a brand or marketing setting.

  • Ability to craft engaging and persuasive copy across various channels.

  • Strong understanding of brand archetypes and messaging frameworks.

  • Excellent attention to detail and commitment to meeting deadlines.

  • Familiarity with contemporary art is a plus.


Please look out for an email from Ashby. The email will have a Willo link where you will submit a writing exercise to show your ability to infuse brand essence into copy.

Why, What, How (Golden Circles)

  • Why: We believe that art shouldn’t exclude. Everyone wants a sense of belonging, to be part of a community - a tribe. No one wants to feel excluded. This isn’t just about class and strata. Nearly everyone feels they need permission to join the current art world, and this needs changing.

  • How: Our platform gives you access and an opportunity for growth, increasing value both aesthetically and financially—finally, you can buy artwork that appreciates.

  • What: Peggy is an art marketplace that allows you to buy into your best self reflected in your best art.

YouTube: Simon Sinek’s Golden Circles

Brand Archetype

Transformative, visionary, and seeks to make dreams come true. Magician brands promise transformation and wonder. Examples of magician brands are Disney and HBO. The shadow archetype of the magician is the trickster.

Read: magician brand archetype

Tone and Style

  • Innovative and visionary

  • Informative and persuasive

  • Accessible and inclusive

  • Empowering and exciting

Key Messages

  • Investing in art

  • A curated selection of investment-grade contemporary art

  • Democratizing the art world

  • Reconnecting you with your art-loving inner child