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Make a great move


VP of Risk



Toronto, ON, Canada
Posted on Friday, May 19, 2023
Plootonians are obsessed with communicating their ideas through the written word (No PowerPoints allowed) so our JDs probably look a little different from what you’d expect!
About Plooto
82% of small businesses fail due to poor management of cash flow. Our vision is to enable the advancement of Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) by developing the tools & insights they need to maximize their cash flow. Over 9000 businesses and their finance teams trust Plooto to automate their financial processes so they can focus on reaching their true potential.
Your Impact
The potential of fraud scales with our growth as a leading player in the B2B Payments Space. As the VP of Risk, you will be responsible for the development and execution of a comprehensive Risk Management strategy, focusing first and foremost on Fraud.
In your first 30 days, you will dive deep into the status quo and assess any gaps in managing Fraud Risk that require further investment. In your first 60 days, you can expect to partner with our Product, Engineering, Compliance, and Finance teams to build a revised multiyear Fraud Risk team strategy with clear 12-month rolling objectives.
Fraud Risk Strategy: you'll define and drive Plooto's Fraud Risk Management strategy and processes at scale as we start to process > $10B worth of yearly volume. As we continuously grow our customer base and product offering, we'll look to you for a state-of-the-art anti-fraud blueprint that leverages innovative ideas and solutions. The current Risk team will look up to you for inspiration as you set your strategic roadmap for the next 2-3 years and beyond.
Metrics and KPIs: We're a meritocracy, so you'll find that our decisions are based on facts, not dispositions. We are also process and data-driven, so you need to be, too. You'll drive insights, set KPI targets and OKRs, and own the weekly reports your team creates to communicate progress, gaps, and next steps.
The payments space is complex, risk-heavy, and ever-evolving. This highly entrepreneurial role will be an opportunity for you to make an early and long-lasting impact, leveraging resources currently in place and building on past successes. Such an impact will set you up for future growth at Plooto, in tandem with the fast scaling of our business.
As part of this career growth velocity, you will keep an eye on the overarching Risk Strategy and oversee Plooto’s capabilities across the risk spectrum (e.g. AML, Risk Operations). You will help in hiring leaders who can own and build capabilities across such a spectrum.
Your Background
You are someone who has seen the ugly side of Fraud and successfully built lasting mechanisms to prevent and, when needed, appropriately deal with it at scale. You are passionate about detecting fraud and being on top of general risk trends.
You are a business risk expert familiar with digital payments and the KYC process in a B2B SaaS context. You've built and executed risk operating plans (ideally in the payments space) and led large and high-performing teams who owned Fraud Detection, Transaction Monitoring, and Recovery Efforts. You also worked with Business Intelligence Analysts and Data Scientists to leverage internally built and 3rd party tools that help prevent Fraud. You have experience driving superior outcomes through both internal and 3rd party teams.
The role is highly strategic, however, you are comfortable and ready to roll up your sleeve to dig deep and be close to your team as you balance your role's strategic and tactical components. For example, you are able to direct a team of analytical team members and QA their work and also have the ability to manage stakeholders across the organization.
Even though you may not be an expert, you have had some exposure to other risk topics within the payment world such as AML, Risk Operations, and Regulatory Compliance. For example, you understand the importance of operational effectiveness and efficiency and how Operations and Strategy intersect.
Why Become a Plootonian?
Everything we do can be traced back to our Leadership Principles. We leave our egos at the door and roll up our sleeves to get things done. We have an extremely strong product-market fit with an ever-growing customer base. We’re backed by an experienced and diverse group of FinTech veterans.
We have large ambitions and are scaling rapidly. You’ll get the space and the support you need to grow by focusing deeply on meaningful work.