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Chief Compliance Officer



United States
Posted on Thursday, October 26, 2023
We are currently hiring full-time in the following US locations: California, Georgia, Massachusetts, Florida, and Washington. If you are located outside of these states, you can still be considered as an applicant, but the position will be on a contract basis.
About Plooto
82% of small businesses fail due to poor management of cash flow. Our vision is to enable the advancement of Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) by developing the tools & insights they need to maximize their cash flow. Over 10,000 businesses and their finance teams trust Plooto to automate their financial processes so they can focus on reaching their true potential.
Founded in 2015, Plooto raised $24M in Series B venture funding led by Centana Growth Partners in January 2023 and has multiple years of runway. The company has scaled 5X from the Series A to B raise while maintaining less than 1% churn.
As our Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), you will manage Plooto’s compliance program. You'll be responsible for developing, reviewing, and updating compliance policies and procedures in line with ever-evolving regulations and industry best practices. You’ll also be responsible for administering the code of ethics to ensure it guides every employee's conduct. You will leverage opportunities that support our growth. Finally, you will work closely with our Risk team, led by Plooto’s VP of Risk.
Your Role
Industry Representation:
Externally, you will represent Plooto in the industry and build effective relationships with relevant parties such as Payments Canada, Bank of Canada, FINTRAC, NACHA, Financial Institutions, Interac, FinCen the Ministry of Finance, and other parties as needed. You will ensure Plooto remains an engaging member of Fintechs Canada.
Functional Leadership and Strategy:
Internally, you will improve existing and establish new compliance-related processes, controls, policies and programs (e.g. the AML Compliance program). You will set the vision and strategy for Compliance, prepare yearly Operating Plans, and set quarterly Objectives and Operating Metric Targets. You will ensure the team follows a reporting cadence and meets its goals.
Contributor to Plooto’s 5-year Strategy:
As a Subject Matter Expert and Thought Leader, you will act as a strategic partner to the rest of the Leadership team, the Board and its committees. You will ensure Compliance plays a positive role in driving Plooto’s 3 and 5-year strategies, by extracting new opportunities and working towards new external requirements.
For example, you will work closely with the Partnerships team on building new banking relationships. You will work closely with Product team when it comes to the impact of the Real-Time Rail (RTR) and direct participation in the Interac e-Transfer system.
You will be on top of evolving laws and regulations. For example, you would be responsible for assessing the impact of, developing an implementation plan and operating the required programs for the upcoming Retail Payments Activities Act.
Your Background
Your career has included roles in which you have been integral to fast-growing, high-performing tech companies. Plootonians are data-driven, and so are you; you are curious by nature and dig into the quantitative aspects of previous roles. As a Leader in the space, you have a network of peers who can act as advisors as well as a source to attract and retain high-performing Plootonians.
Experience: You have in-depth knowledge of regulatory compliance affecting FinTechs across both Canada and the US. You have a minimum of 15 years of experience, with at least 8 years of experience in senior compliance roles within the FinTech sector (Payments a plus). You hold a Bachelor's degree in Business, Law, or a related field.
Data-Driven Decision-Making: We are a meritocracy, so you will find that our decisions are based on facts, not dispositions. You are obsessed with analyzing and leveraging data to set your strategy, gain buy-in, and communicate how to execute your plan successfully. You have a proven track record of delivering research-backed projects and goals.
Leadership: You have a reputation for being a coach and mentor. You understand how to drive teams to achieve big wins. You have deep experience in recruiting, developing, and scaling a high-performing team with accountability across goals. You are an exceptional communicator with the ability to influence and collaborate across departments.
Soft Skills: You embody Plooto's Leadership Principles and leverage them consistently in your work and leadership style. You are an avid learner looking to understand the how and why from a data-driven perspective. You are not willing to settle for good; you are looking for excellence. Your bar is high! With an entrepreneurial mindset, you have grit and are not afraid to drive organizational change to achieve the overall Plooto goals. As an effective communicator, you can effectively communicate and collaborate at an executive and Board level.t an executive and Board level.
Why Become a Plootonian?
If you are looking to make a professional impact, look no further. Plooto is currently in hyper-growth mode, looking to 10x our customer base. The biggest reason SMBs close their doors is poor management of finances and cash flow. Plooto solves that problem! Plooto is dramatically changing the payment automation category in North America. Our unrivalled product experience fulfills a crucial need in the SMB segment. We have an extremely strong product-market fit with a massive opportunity ahead of us. An experienced and diverse group of FinTech veterans backs us. You will have the opportunity to make history and change the course of this sector for many years to come. Join Plooto and be a part of making history.