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Senior JS/TS Client Engineer



Montreal, QC, Canada
Posted on Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Job Title: Senior JS/TS Client Engineer - Montreal/Hybrid

Hello! We're an innovative Travel Tech startup based in Montreal, seeking a Lead JavaScript/TypeScript Performance Engineer to enhance our team. In this pivotal role, you'll drive our product's technical performance, ensuring high-quality, efficient code and engaging user experiences. Your expertise will play a crucial role in our growth and in maintaining our competitive edge in the travel industry.

About Stay22

Stay22 is a fast growing and profitable startup that helps content creators to better monetize their content while improving the overall experience of their end users through different innovative solution that makes it easy to search for travel related services.

Why join Stay22 ?

  • We are dedicated to revolutionize the way we book travel, using ML & AI to develop new solutions to help content creators monetize their content.
  • Growing fast means growth opportunities.
  • We make our stars run their own show in the Stay22 universe.
  • We also have the coolest (and bright) lair, available if you want to mingle, in the center of Montreal’s Plateau Mont Royal, surrounded by the best shops and restaurants in town.
  • We take people as they are: come-as-you-are dress code, personalized work schedules…
  • We give them what they want: health & dental benefits, learning & development opportunities, social & team building activities including cool retreats…

Key Responsibilities:

Deep Understanding of Browser Mechanics:

  • Expertise in core JavaScript and TypeScript. You live and breathe it.
  • Expertise in the JavaScript event loop, call stack, and task queues to manage asynchronous operations efficiently.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of advanced DOM manipulation and event handling
  • rAF, CORS, CSP, Web workers, service workers, all mean something to you.
  • Understanding of network performance optimization techniques, including resource minification, compression, and HTTP/3.

Experience with Third-Party Libraries and Legacy Code:

  • Experience working with custom embedded scripts and iframes. Understands how to use techniques like defer, or chunking, etc. to not block main thread.
  • Awareness of browser storage solutions (cookies, localStorage, sessionStorage) and their limitations in third-party contexts.
  • Understand browser's latest updates towards a more private world, like User Agent Client Hints, and Third Party Cookies.
  • Proven ability to work with jQuery


  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or related field or equivalent in experience
  • Must have a public GitHub profile showcasing contributions

You and your teammates will solely focus on our flagship product, called LMA. Over 100 million unique users go every month through our script that is embedded in the top most pages and platforms in travel discovery. We are looking for someone who understands the intricacies of the web, and, with the mix of LLM's, pull some magic. Literally.