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Wisk Solutions
Wisk Solutions


Montreal, QC, Canada · Nunavut, Canada · Emo, ON, Canada · Oka, QC, Canada · Emo, ON, Canada · Tay, ON, Canada · Canada, NC, USA · Ayr, ON, Canada · Canada, KS, USA · Ontario, Canada · Montreal, QC, Canada · Toronto, ON, Canada

The alcohol beverage industry is still running on pen and paper and legacy systems, leading to massive inefficiencies across measurements and movements across the chain to help the supply chain. WISK's Beverage Intelligence platform digitizes alcohol beverage measurements and movements across the chain to help alleviate many pain points experienced by retailers, distributors and producers. WISK does this with a simple, yet powerful mobile app along with an online portal for all centralized reporting. The mobile app accesses WISK's database of 50,000+ bottles, with barcodes, tare weights, and images.

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