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DevOps/Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)



Software Engineering
Remote · Calgary, AB, Canada · Calgary, AB, Canada
Posted on Saturday, January 27, 2024

Job Description:

atVenu is looking for a DevOps/SRE Engineer to bring more efficiency in developing and delivering software services to our customers. You will be developing infrastructure to improve our software service: making it more secure, reliable, and performant.

If you're into Cloud Engineering, infrastructure as code, monitoring, alerting, software build/release engineering, or CI/CD, this role is for you.You will be an enabler for all teams, the rockstar that makes each team the best version they can be with the solid tools you make for them.

You don't have to have firsthand experience in all areas within this description, but you must understand both the tools and culture of DevOps, be self-motivated, and an independent learner. You won't be left alone, but you'll be best positioned to identify how things can be more awesome and will be expected to bring new technology ideas to the organization. Success in this role would mean making existing processes faster, smoother, easier across different teams in our company.

Note, if incumbent has minimal experience and/or requires more supervision they may be titled Novice or Intermediate DevOps/Site ReliabilityEngineer.

Job Duties:

  • Develop and Maintain our Infrastructure as Code using Ansible, Terraform, Docker, and AWS Cloudformation.
  • Build new infrastructure using containers technologies.
  • Maintain our existing infrastructure: updates, troubleshooting, scaling, etc.
  • Use automation tools to build, test and deploy software written in various languages (CI/CD tools like Jenkins/Github Actions etc.).
  • Make our infrastructure more secure, performant, and reliable.
  • Expand upon the diverse monitoring tools we have (Cloudwatch, Honeybadger, New Relic, Graylog, etc.) and integrate them into more centralized dashboards.
  • Use our data to create new metrics.
  • Make tools to automatically generate reports to satisfy compliance requirements, e.g., audit trails. We adhere to PCI and SOC2.
  • Script out any repetitive task that is slowing us down.

Required Skills:

  • A mix of software development and Linux System Administration experience with decent shell scripting skills.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Solid Debugging and Troubleshooting skills.
  • Comfortable with multi-tasking and context switching.
  • A keen eye on industry standards and best practices.
  • Ideally hands-on experience of working with some of these:

· AWS Experience: EC2, VPC, S3,IAM, Lambda, Cloudfront, etc.

· Linux Experience: Debian / RHELadministration and bash scripting.

· Infrastructure as Code:Ansible/Docker/Chef/Puppet/Terraform etc.

· Build automation:Jenkins/Github Actions/TeamCity/Bamboo/Circle CI etc.

· Monitoring and Alerting: NewRelic, Cloudwatch, Sensu, etc.

· Log Aggregation: Graylog/Elasticsearch/Splunk etc.


  • Calgary, AB and/or remote

What we offer:

  • A high trust work environment: we inherently believe people want to do what’s right for themselves and the company they are part of.
  • Flexible time off: this goes with our high trust work environment. While there is flexibility in taking time off, it still requires the advance approval of your supervisor.
  • Competitive health benefits paid for by atVenu.
  • Options and a curiosity and event allowance.
  • 401K matching.