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R&D Assay Engineering Intern



Montreal, QC, Canada
Posted on Thursday, June 8, 2023

About the role

Join us as an R&D Assay Engineering Intern! We are on the lookout for enthusiastic and ambitious undergraduate students who are eager to leave their mark on proteomics research.

This is your chance to be a part of our cutting-edge research and development team as we supercharge our next-generation proteomic platform. You will collaborate with our brilliant scientists and technologists to conceive and implement significant improvements to our groundbreaking nELISA platform.

Nomic’s mission is to revolutionize protein measurement and accelerate the emergence of precision diagnostics and medicine. By harnessing DNA nanotechnology, software, flow cytometry, and lab automation, we've created the nELISA, the world's most productive proteomic platform, capable of measuring over 300,000 proteins daily. Our goal is to expand this capacity to 1M proteins per day next year, replicating for proteomics the transformation Illumina brought to DNA sequencing.

At Nomic, assay engineering is fundamental and interdisciplinary, touching on everything from molecular biology to DNA nano-engineering and lab automation. As an intern, your role will be to augment our nELISA platform, and your improvements will resonate as we scale and integrate thousands of optimized assays to our proteomic platform. This is a thrilling opportunity to leave a tangible impact on our ambitious quest to redefine the understanding of biology.

Please apply if you:

  • Connect deeply with our mission, ambition and sense of duty: Our mission goes beyond marketing flair; it's grounded in a genuine desire to reshape the understanding of biology and unlock early disease detection through biomarker discovery. We stand firm in our conviction that our technology will play a pivotal role in eradicating certain diseases by facilitating early diagnosis. Our pursuit of bringing this technology to life transcends our roles as scientists and engineers — it is also our duty as children and parents.

  • Thrive on challenges and seek growth: We are a team of dedicated problem-solvers, always ready to delve into the unknown and challenge ourselves. We foster a growth mindset, offering and welcoming candid, critical feedback to facilitate collective growth and achievement.

  • Have a Passion for cutting-edge biotechnology: The nELISA, our tool harnessing DNA nanotechnology, is at the forefront of producing proteomic data with unprecedented efficiency. We seek those who share our excitement for such advanced biotechnology.

  • Excel in diverse, cross-functional teams: At Nomic, collaboration is key. You'll interface daily with teammates across Assay, Data, Ops, and Product teams, promoting dynamic knowledge exchange and synergistic problem-solving.

  • Desire to take ownership of solving complex engineering challenges: Assay engineering is our core strength. By researching and developing enhancements to the nELISA platform, you'll have a cascading impact on every facet of our company and our customers — notably the scientists leveraging the nELISA. We're looking for those who crave the responsibility of engineering solutions to our most challenging problems.

What You'll Get to Do:

  • Apply your knowledge of spectroscopy, protein purification, antibody conjugation, DNA modification, and fluorescent labelling. You'll have the opportunity to design innovative nano-scale DNA constructs, develop improved nELISA assay reagents, and conduct comprehensive R&D tests to assess all functional aspects of the nELISA system.

  • Design efficient strategies that efficiently probe bioassay parameter space, providing valuable insights to guide further R&D exploration.

  • Work closely with your R&D, scientific, and engineering colleagues to identify new technical solutions. Your analytical results will aid critical decision-making processes across the company.

  • Play an instrumental role in building a next-generation proteomics technology from the ground up!

Essential Qualifications:

  • Relevant Wet Lab Experience: Hands-on exposure in a relevant wet lab environment is a must.

  • Academic Background: Candidates should be nearing completion of an undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, nanotechnology engineering, biophysics, or biochemistry.

  • Enthusiasm for Proteomic Tools: A strong interest in learning about proteomic tools and their associated methodologies is crucial. This includes hands-on experience in immunoassays, nucleic acid amplification, DNA nano-architecture and design, separation-based techniques for biological samples and compounds, biophysics/fluorescence, and signal processing.

Preferred Additional Competencies:

  • Proficiency in Data Science: Experience in Python or MATLAB will be highly valued.

  • Expertise in Specialized Areas: Familiarity or experience with surface chemistry, DNA-based circuits, and/or bead-based immunoassays will be considered an asset.