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Make a great move


Junior Growth Marketing



Marketing & Communications, Sales & Business Development
United States · Canada · Remote
Posted on Tuesday, February 13, 2024

This is an entry-level role for anyone with a biology background looking to pivot into a more business and marketing-related role.

We’re looking for a hungry, curious, self-motivated learner to join our team and help us fulfill our mission of doing for proteins what Illumina has done for DNA.

The role is very tactical and hands-on: you’ll be executing and reporting on all growth marketing experiments. This can mean anything from email marketing, copywriting, and webinar coordination to paid advertising, cold outreach, and A/B testing. If you love learning things, experimenting, and want to get your feet wet across a bunch of tools, this role is for you.

If you don’t have formal experience with the channels or tactics mentioned above, that’s OK; we work with the experts at Got Users to coach our internal team, and they provide playbooks and feedback on all the major growth experiments you’d run.

What You’ll Be Doing

  • Learning the nuts-and-bolts of how to get users: this includes copywriting, digital ads, conferences, writing landing pages, and much more.

  • Interviewing users and listening to sales calls.

  • Communicating the firsthand problems facing biologists aiming to leverage proteomics today, and how to help them solve those problems, at scale.

About Us

Nomic was founded with the purpose of making biology easier to measure. To do this, we have untangled some of the most difficult problems in protein profiling. Our team is combining DNA nanotechnology, high-dimensional flow cytometry, laboratory automation, and machine learning to develop the world’s highest throughput proteomic platform: the nELISA.

Since spinning out of McGill University, we have partnered with and provided platform access to dozens of drug discovery groups including GSK, 4 of the top 10 pharmas, and leading biotechs.

We have recently launched a state of the art manufacturing and protein profiling facilities that enable multiplexed measurement of >2.5M samples a year, generating an effective 500M protein assays in the process.

We are building a diverse team of engineers, scientists, and world-changers. We like to break down difficult problems using a first principles approach, often leveraging the latest breakthroughs from across the scientific and technological spectrum to drive our mission forward.

About You

You don’t expect us to manage everything you do. You can quickly figure out new tools + platforms, proactively ask questions when things aren’t clear, and be a friendly face to our partners and customers.

You do need to deeply care about one thing: life science R+D teams. Maybe you were on one in grad school, maybe you’ve benefited from their findings, or maybe you just care about their contributions to humanity.

You’re excited to learn new practical skills and quickly level up your growth and marketing chops.

Skills & Qualifications

  • A master’s degree in biochemistry, biology, experimental medicine, immunology, bioengineering, synthetic biology, or similar.

  • 0-3 years of experience in marketing, business development, or similar roles.

  • Clear, concise, writing skills. You can write informally, get to the point, and can generally follow these guidelines.

  • A track record of building and executing on projects. (Grad school projects/research count.)

  • Comfortable learning new tech on your own: it’s a good sign if you Google things you don’t know, use ChatGPT, and have used no-code tools like Zapier, Airtable, or Notion before.

  • Comfortable with basic mental math.

    • If we said an ad got 20,000 clicks, 1% of those clicks turned into signups, and 20% of those converted into customers, you’d be able to tell us how many customers we got.

  • Entrepreneurial: You’re excited about joining a small, high-growth team and contributing across all areas of marketing.

  • No ego: There’s a lot we wish we could do but don’t have time for. Must have the ability to put the most urgent priorities first, even if they aren’t glamorous.

  • Experience doing some kind of marketing is a plus, even if it’s for a student group or a family member’s business.

Compensation & Job Details

Job Type

Full Time, with contract-to-hire option also available


$60,000 - $100,000/year USD DOE, with stock option equity and benefits


Remote or flex/in-person

Nomic is headquartered in Montreal, Canada with a satellite lab in Boston, Massachusetts.

The majority of our team is based in Montreal and works in a new, shared office/laboratory space with an in-person, but flexible work-from-home, policy.

We also have full time Engineering teammates that work from Boston and from the San Francisco Bay Area (Redwood City) in California.

New teammates in Boston or the SF Bay Area would have the opportunity to work in-person / in a partial remote capacity with their local colleagues, or to remain remote-first, as preferred.