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VueJS - Experienced Web Developer (Fully Remote)

Wisk Solutions

Wisk Solutions

Software Engineering
Montreal, QC, Canada · Toronto, ON, Canada · Remote
Posted on Sunday, April 9, 2023

WISK builds a Food&Beverage management platform for the hospitality sector. We have some of the best restaurants/clubs/hotels as our clients and we are expanding very fast.

WISK is a young and dynamic startup built on best of breed technologies and development practices.
We are building a fully distributed team, that's based on trust, professionalism, high bandwidth communication, hard work and lots of fun.

Wisk has a solid VueJS web application built on VueJS 3, it's realtime, very modular and scallable.
But we need help in making it even better and to implement new business logic.

Job requirements:

  • Extensive VueJS experience.
  • You can prove that you have started and maintained complex VueJS application
  • You have experience or a high interest in TypeScript
  • Proven and solid software engineering background
  • You need to be able to show that you can understand complex B2B business logic
  • Startup experience or working on a small team with a high degree of indepence is a big plus.
  • You strive every day to learn new things
  • You love experimenting before jumping into new technology endeavors.
  • You need to be able to handle a high degree of complexity, to be able to work under pressure, to take initiative.
  • After a fix you need to show that you can leave the code in a better state, so you fix the source of the problem and you put in place the necessary tests.

You will work directly with the CTO of the company and you'll have the opportunity to take initiatives and own in every possible aspect of the web development process: code, architecture, UX, UI, testing…

WISK has a multi-tier platform composed of a mobile iOS app, an API and a Web application.
The API is composed of 10+ micro-services written in: Swift, NodeJS, PHP & Kotlin and deployed on AWS using Kubernates and Docker.
The Web foundation is built on VueJS+Vuex and Boostrap.

WISK is an atypical company: we hire you and give you all the freedom. We cherish your passion and we encourage you to grow in every aspect.
When you start working with us we'll pass through a tryout to see the fit for you and for the company to take the time to appreciate your talent. The tryout will happen during your existing job (evening and weekend) and you'll be paid. Once you're ready and you really like Wisk we'll make you an offer to join full time

A pleasure talking to you.